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In 2004, Mikron Electric – Electronics serves its valuable customers with information boards, led displays and scrolling letters, led modules, day sources and control cards that are used in almost every sector and provide more effective advertising.

  1. Led Panel Systems

    Led Panel System is an ideal solution for Stores, Information Areas and Digital Billboards.You can get high quality, economical and constantly changing advertising boards with Mikron Led Panel Systems.

  2. Control Cards

    Control cards are the necessary parts for the installation of a high quality and guaranteed Led Panel System. Led panel sector continuously has various led control cards in stock.

  3. Led Strip

    LED strip lighting is used in many areas of everyday life.They can be used in different lengths, densities, colors and voltages and can be easily installed with compatible accessories as well as easily peelable backing.

  4. Digital Price Tag

    Being able to update product prices in seconds and make no mistakes at this point allows you to gain serious reliability for your customers. The system minimizes price mismatches between the rack and the enclosure, allowing for updates at any time.

Mikron Led

It is a leading company aiming to offer you the high quality products and services of our company which is constantly growing in the sector in a low cost, fast, continuous and consistent way. We always provide the best service to our valued customers by taking advantage of all the opportunities of rapidly changing and developing technology. Our Arge activities that will save you from the complexity of electronics with special software for your needs will always be your supporter in your special projects. It will always be our aim to provide different, high quality and affordable products.

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